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Insurance Glossary

The world of insurance for law firms can be confusing, and difficult to navigate. We've created this glossary because these common insurance terms should be easy to understand.

Cyber Insurance for Law Firms

Attorneys are prime targets for cybercriminals. We've made it easy to be prepared.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

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Simple. Smart. Cyber Protection For Your Firm.

Now, more than ever, attorneys need a complete insurance solution - one that also includes your firm's digital footprint. ALPS has been at the forefront of providing a Cyber Liability Insurance policy designed specifically for today's law firm.

Safeguard your electronic data and protect your firm with Cyber Liability Insurance from ALPS. The trust you build with your clients is your firm’s most valuable asset. If that information is compromised your reputation and your livelihood can be at risk.


ALPS provides law firms with two ways to get Cyber Insurance

Which path is right for your firm?

Low-cost, no-fuss coverage added to your malpractice policy.

Offered exclusively as an addition to ALPS lawyers' malpractice insurance (LPL), it's easy to add this separate policy for as low as $65 per attorney.

Provided through Beazley Group USA, take comfort in a 360° approach with solutions designed for lawyers.

Get higher limits with a stand-alone policy.

Offered through Cowbell Prime™, our stand-alone cyber insurance program is designed for small law firms. 

It delivers coverage for a wide range of cyber incidents, including email scams, ransomware attacks, social engineering, and more. 


How Much Cyber Insurance Do I Need? 

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ALPS has been providing cyber insurance as an add-on to our legal malpractice insurance since 2012. Over that time we've learned a lot about claims.

Here are some numbers to help you make the best decision for your firm.

On average:

  • Solo law firms have paid out $4,004 per cyber claim
  • Firms with 2-10 attorneys have paid out $9,476 per claim
  • Firms over the size of 10 have paid out $8,808 per claim
  • Across all firms, that averages out to $8,017 per cyber claim

You know your firm best. If your firm would benefit from having coverage that helps minimize the financial impact of a cyber attack, make the decision today. Take the step to mitigate the costs should a breach ever occur and get back to focusing on what really matters, taking care of your clients.


It's Simple to Get Law Firm Cyber Insurance

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Low Per-Attorney Rates

Whether added to your ALPS policy or as stand-alone coverage, get access to low-cost cyber insurance and enjoy some of the best coverage you can buy.

Teal and Orange Computer Displaying Easy Application Process

Easy Application Process

Automatically provided with every ALPS malpractice quote or as a stand-alone policy with a simple application, you can save time and get the coverage you need.

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Industry Leading Coverage

Provided through partnerships with Beazley Group USA or Cowbell, take comfort in a 360° approach with the best-designed cyber insurance for lawyers.


How to Protect Yourself and Keep the Hackers at Bay

Get the information you need today to implement a plan to stay secure and protect the backbone of your law firm.




Should Lawyers Carry Cyber Liability Insurance?

If your firm stores data online, yes, you will benefit from the protection that is offered through cyber security insurance. 

Every single day, law firms face an untold number of cyber risks. From mistakenly opened phishing emails to visits to malicious websites that install dangerous software on any device, law firms are prime targets for cybercriminals. Safeguarding your electronic data and protecting your firm — and your clients' data — is an integral part of a risk mitigation strategy. If that information is compromised, your reputation and your livelihood can be at risk.

A strong cyber policy will not only provide for liability associated with any breach, but it will also provide you with expertise in the service required to respond to that breach. That expertise should include professional handling on resolving the breach, and help in meeting the specific notification protocols to individuals involved in the theft of personally identifiable information.

A cyber attack can be scary - but working with an insurance professional who specializes in law firm coverages can reduce some of that stress and let you breathe a little bit easier.

More Law Firm Insurance Options

Check out the most popular law firm insurance products available

Icon depicting directors and officers sitting around table

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers (D & O) Insurance protects lawyers from personal losses if they are sued as a result of serving as a director or an officer of an organization.

Icon depicting two employed attorneys

Employed Lawyers Insurance (Miscellaneous E & O)

Employed Lawyers Liability Insurance

Offered as a Miscellaneous E & O policy, get coverage for your professional legal services when offered as an in-house attorney.

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