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Insurance Glossary

The world of insurance for law firms can be confusing, and difficult to navigate. We've created this glossary because these common insurance terms should be easy to understand.




Responsive. Smart. Dedicated.
Meet the ALPS Team committed to making insurance easy.

To schedule a meeting, please find your appropriate Insurance Specialist below.


Julie Patterson

Business Development Lead | Focus States: All States

With ALPS since the start, Julie has seen everything and can help you understand what's important for your firm.

Schedule a meeting with Julie

Reece Ramsay

Business Development Representative | Focus States: TX

By making your interests her top priority, Reece will put her thirteen years of experience working with lawyers to work for your firm. Let her make it easy for you to have your insurance needs met.

Schedule a meeting with Reece

Robin Kendall

Business Development Representative | Focus States: AL, FL, GA, ID, KS, MS, MO, TN

Robin has superpowered listening skills that let her answer you clearly and concisely. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors allows her to bring empathy and care to you and your firm.

Schedule a meeting with Robin

Ryan True

Business Development Representative | Focus States: IA, MD, MT, NE, NH, NM, WV,

Let Ryan’s sense of curiosity guide him through understanding your firm’s needs. Feel like a part of his family, not like ‘just a customer’ as he makes your life easier.

Schedule a meeting with Ryan

Aaron Rogers-Thompson

Business Development Representative | Focus States: AR, AZ, UT, VA

Aaron lives by the credo that honesty and integrity are the best way to build a successful business partnership. He'll demonstrate his commitment by quickly responding to any question you have.

Schedule a meeting with Aaron

Patrick Brewer

Business Development Representative | Focus States: IL, DE, MI, VT, AK, WY

Patrick’s ability to sense what’s necessary for your firm makes him an ideal partner. He looks forward to engaging with you to understand how he can put his worldly experience to work for your firm.

Schedule a meeting with Patrick

Jack Garcia-Mitchell

Business Development Representative | Focus States: GA, HI, OK, ID, SD

Jack understands that insurance can be nuanced. He strives to read between the lines and do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring you receive only the insurance solutions you need.

Schedule a meeting with Jack


Kurt Whitmire

Director of Commercial Lines | Focus States: All States

You deserve a one-stop solution for all of your firm's business insurance needs. Kurt respects the value of your time and is here to make placing coverage for your whole law firm as easy as possible. Let Kurt be your guide through this important decision.

Schedule a meeting with Kurt


Tanya Matoon

Account Manager | HI, WA, WY

Life is so bright with Tanya, you'll need to wear shades. She is a shining example of how insurance can be fun. Let her make your insurance renewal a great experience.

Schedule a meeting with Tanya

Lisa Kubla

Account Manager | DC, FL, KY, MA, NC, OH, TN, VA

Lisa’s personal passion is to look out for your well-being. She considers it her honor-bound duty to make you smile – even when talking about insurance!

Schedule a meeting with Lisa

Mandie Diller

Account Manager | AL, CO (Outside of Denver), ID, MS, NM

Mandie laughs at trouble and will make your renewal frustrations go away. Let her enthusiasm work to your advantage.

Schedule a meeting with Mandie

Meg Ratzburg

Account Manager | GA, WV

Meg uses her decades of experience to provide you with a responsive, friendly, and understanding customer experience. She will ensure that you understand the process, even if you don't speak "insurance."

Schedule a meeting with Meg

Jesse Linn

Account Manager | AR, IA, KS, NH, OK, SC, TX

Jesse’s love of hiking has taught him that no matter how difficult things might appear to be, it’s always a great feeling at the end. He will always respect your time and help you walk away feeling good about your insurance experience.

Schedule a meeting with Jesse

Suzane Bowie

Account Manager | CA, MD, MO, VA, VT

Suzane wants to make sure ALPS fits your firm like your favorite pair of shoes. You deserve the best & Suzane will make sure that's what you receive.

Schedule a meeting with Suzane

Traci Hofer

Account Manager | AK, MI, MN, ND, NE, PA, RI, SD, USVI, WI

Let Traci use her over 15 years at ALPS help you maneuver through any change simple and as easy as possible. She treats each and every insured firm like they deserve to be treated, with respect and understanding.

Schedule a meeting with Traci

Eric Gorman

Account Manager | CO (DENVER AREA), DE, IL, IN, ME, UT

Go ahead, test Eric, and see how long it takes for him to respond to an email. Let his passion for a clean inbox get you an honest answer as quickly as possible.

Schedule a meeting with Eric

Jessica Glebke

Account Manager | AZ, NV, VA

As an avid skier, Jessica will help you navigate any difficult turns that can come up throughout the year. Her focus is on making sure you know she cares!

Schedule a meeting with Jessica

Barb Kasauskas

Account Manager | MT, WA (King County)

Barb’s passion is listening to you so she can quickly provide you with the solution you need. Let her help you through the renewal process with ease.

Schedule a meeting with Barb


Chrissy Pinner

Business Development Representative | Solo Attorney Firms

Let Chrissy treat you like royalty and provide you with the customer experience you deserve.

Schedule a meeting with Chrissy

Shawn MacDonald

Business Development Representative | Solo Attorney Firms

Let Shawn use his love of insurance to make you proud to be associated with ALPS. He uses his knowledge of ALPS resources to meet your insurance needs and exceed your service expectations.

Schedule a meeting with Shawn

James Booher

Business Development Representative | Solo Attorney Firms

James is a storyteller at heart and understands that experiences help people relate. He thrives knowing that he is taking care of his firms and providing you a sense of comfort that your insurance needs will be met.

Schedule a meeting with James

Darrius Davis

Business Development Representative | Solo Attorney Firms

Darrius loves to laugh and smile, and will use his insurance knowledge and resources to make sure your customer experience ends with a smile too.

Schedule a meeting with Darrius

Solo Law Firm Team

Business Development Representative | Solo Attorney Firms

Are you a solo firm? Reach out via email, chat or phone or schedule a meeting and a member of our solo team will get back to you.

Schedule a meeting with a member of our Solo Team

This is our promise to you.


The ALPS 7-Point Premium Promise



As a lawyer you handle clients personally. You deserve to be treated the same. So whether you’re a policyholder or not, when you call ALPS you speak to a real person. From insurance specialists to claims attorneys, you can always reach us directly.



We understand that if you do have a claim, you want real practice experience on your side. You will partner with a licensed claims attorney – not an adjuster – whose sole focus is lawyers’ malpractice insurance.



With lawyer-recommended policy features like defense costs outside of your limits and consent to settle, you play a role in your claim.



ALPS realizes that your reputation is at stake. That’s why we look for ways to provide coverage where others look for ways to deny it.



Because your firm is unique, you deserve a quote tailored to your risk. ALPS evaluates each individual attorney, rather than generalizing about your firm, to provide a customized quote.



You have evolving challenges. We keep our finger on the pulse of the profession through active engagement with state and local bars. ALPS is endorsed by more state bars than any other carrier.



Your time is valuable and best spent building a successful practice. We partner with other value-added services to help your practice thrive.