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Insurance Glossary

The world of insurance for law firms can be confusing, and difficult to navigate. We've created this glossary because these common insurance terms should be easy to understand.



Take Our Free Ethics Risk Assessment Tool for Attorneys

The ALPS Virtual Ethics Risk Assessment, more affectionately known as Vera, was created to serve as your guide to quickly and effectively help you understand where you fall in terms of risk management within your firm.  We also hope you have a little fun along the way.  The free assessment shouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes to complete and you will receive your customized Vera report upon submittal.

Getting Your Vera Free Report Is Easy:

1. Take The Quiz: Move through the seven 5-question sets and select the answer that best describes your firm. Keep in mind that this process is meant to be fun, which means the available answers to some questions may not perfectly describe your firm.

2. Get Your Results: Once you have completed the process, Vera will assign a point value to each answer, tally the results, and provide a link via email that will allow you to download your detailed summary report. Note that any answer left blank will be scored as a zero.

3. Start Decreasing Your Risk: With your firm's recommendations in hand, take steps to reduce your firm's ethics risk.

What Seven Subjects Are Covered by VERA?


Section 1: Client Intake 


Section 2: File Documentation


Section 3: Calendaring 


Section 4: The Trust Account


Section 5: General Risk Management


Section 6: Cyber Security 


Section 7: Firm Policies & Plans


ALPS has developed and made available at no cost to all-comers this Virtual Ethics Risk Assessment (Vera).  The driving motivation behind this project was to find a new way to share the intellectual capital of our past and current risk managers in a fun and engaging way with as broad an audience as possible.  Vera will be most effective if all questions are answered as honestly and completely as possible.  To help you to feel comfortable in doing so, please know that Vera is exclusively an educational tool.  While we will collect answer data for the sole purpose of identifying areas where the development of additional risk management resources might be of value to future Vera participants, rest assured in knowing that no information shared during the assessment process will ever be revealed to or used by our underwriting department in quoting a policy or otherwise.  Quite simply, that’s just not how we do business.  One final note: because Vera is only able to deliver her summary report via an email autogenerated at the conclusion of the assessment, a valid email address is required for participation.