Careers at ALPS​


Interested in Working at ALPS?

With ALPS, we are invested in the success of our attorneys and law firms. We don't offer just a policy. We offer a promise to be there when our law firms need us.

If you value creativity and innovation and would like to join a company that strives to create the best work environment, then ALPS may be a great fit for your next career move.

ALPS is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace diversity and individuality.

ALPS is a Top Montana Workplace!

Why Work at ALPS?

Establish a Career in a Stable Industry

Insurance is one of the oldest, and most respected career choices in the world - one that has evolved to drive innovation in the customer experience. At ALPS we will help you turn your job into your career.

Leading Edge Benefits

We recognize that employees have a choice in where they work. By offering some of the richest benefits available we have created an environment that is welcoming and rewarding.

Work in a Culture of Innovation

ALPS is dedicated to a culture focused on constant improvement. By always evaluating how we offer our services to make it as easy as possible for our clients to work with us we lead our industry with the nation's best customer experience.

Work-Life Balance

Some companies want their employees to live-to-work. At ALPS we encourage you to work-to-live. We work hard while fulfilling our customer promise and expect you to take advantage of everything life has to offer.

What Could a Career in Insurance Look Like For You?

What Our Employees Say About Working At ALPS

“ALPS provides a great product and is built on pride and responsibility to its customers. The company respects its employees and you are made to feel a real ownership in your work and the product we deliver.”

—Excerpted from an ALPS employee, Best Places to Work Employee Survey

Are You A Fit For ALPS?

Your skills and experience are important - they tell us whether you have the ability to complete the day-to-day tasks of a given role. However, we also know that culture fit is the true measure of success.
These are the characteristics that we look for when adding members to our family.


Are you accountable to yourself, your teammates, and your customers? We expect every employee to serve with this in mind.


We provide significant autonomy in how you achieve your goals. That trust requires employees that are honest and have strong moral principles.


Our culture thrives on cooperation and trust. To maintain our rewarding culture we ask our employees to remain dedicated to success.