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Insurance Glossary

The world of insurance for law firms can be confusing, and difficult to navigate. We've created this glossary because these common insurance terms should be easy to understand.


Gain Peace of Mind with Simple, Complete Protection

It's Easy To Get All Your Law Firm Insurance From The Legal Malpractice Insurance Carrier You Trust

It shouldn't be so difficult to know which insurance is best for your firm.
Take confusion out of the mix. All we do is insurance for law firms.

Your time should be spent with your clients. Not on navigating what insurance you need.




Avoid Insurance Hassles

You no longer need to navigate a challenging insurance world alone when you deal with the dedicated attorney insurance team at ALPS.


Save Time With One Solution

Keep the focus on your clients when you choose a partner that provides you with one solution to protect your entire firm.


Deal With Law Firm Experts

Relax knowing you are partnering with the only national insurance company dedicated to solo and small law firms.


Let Us Help You Find A Solution

How Many Attorneys Are in Your Firm?

Insurance for Solo Attorneys

I'm a Solo Attorney

Solo attorneys have to do it all. That can take you away from why you went to law school in the first place: to help people. Getting new clients, taking care of current ones, running a business, and even taking care of a family—it's all on you. Let us help you by protecting more than just your work.


Law Firm Insurance for Small Law Firms

2 - 4 Attorneys

Your firm is anything but small. Whether you specialize in a practice area or in how you treat your clients, your experience sets you apart. Let us help you protect what makes you unique and craft an insurance solution as targeted as the focus you provide for your clients.

Insurance for Larger Law Firms

5+ Attorneys

You're not "big-law," yet the challenges you face are growing more and more complex. Take advantage of our suite of resources that help you effectively and proactively manage and protect the day-to-day aspects of your firm before they become issues too big to handle. 

More Law Firm Insurance Options

Check out the most popular law firm insurance products available

Icon depicting directors and officers sitting around table

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers (D & O) Insurance protects lawyers from personal losses if they are sued as a result of serving as a director or an officer of an organization.

Icon depicting two employed attorneys

Employed Lawyers Insurance (Miscellaneous E & O)

Employed Lawyers Liability Insurance

Offered as a Miscellaneous E & O policy, get coverage for your professional legal services when offered as an in-house attorney.

Not sure which insurance you need?

Take our free quiz and find your firm's best business insurance products.

Answer 5 questions and get a set of personalized recommendations.

We Care About Protecting Your Firm

All we do is insurance for lawyers. Period.

We understand how important it is to make insurance affordable and easy for you.

While insurance is our business,
ALPS is passionate about the success of your law firm — and of you as a person.


ALPS is the largest direct writer of Legal Malpractice Insurance and is endorsed by more State Bars than any other carrier.

Trophy icon demonstrating great company reputation

You get access to insurance solutions no other carrier can provide.

Key icon demonstrating granted access

Choose from a library of resources all aimed at making you better at what you do as an attorney.

Icon depicting a library of attorney insurance resources

ALPS champions attorney wellness — protecting you is as important as protecting your firm.

Icon demonstrating wellness for attorneys

The Verdict Is In. ALPS is Law Firm Insurance Made Easy.


Protecting Your Law Firm is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Icon depicting an attorney filling out an online application

Step 1. Provide a Complete Application

From a 100% online legal malpractice application to a simple form to start a quote for the rest of your law firm's insurance coverage, it's easy to get started.

Icon depicting receival of a lawyers malpractice insurance quote

Step 2. Receive Your Custom Quote

Whether you're a solo attorney accepting an Instant Quote for malpractice insurance or a small firm evaluating multiple coverages, you will receive a customized insurance proposal unique to your firm. 

Icon demonstrating a fully insured law firm

Step 3. Accept. Pay. Relax.

Once you accept your quote and your policies are issued you will be welcomed and invited to share in all of the resources you need. You can relax knowing you're insured by a company that looks out for your law firm's best interests.


Endorsed by More State Bars than Any Other Legal Malpractice Insurer

We are proud to partner with 19 state and local bars nationwide to gain the greatest understanding of members' successes and to help address the challenges they face.

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Insuring the Business Risks of a Law Practice

Learn the basics of Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance, understand when to purchase, know what your dollars will buy and a few tips when applying for coverage!

And new bonus information: insuring the business risks of a law practice.



Keeping Your Insurance With "Your Person" May Feel Easy, But What Don't You Know?

We get it. Maybe it feels easy to just let your local agent place all of your insurance. They have your best interests in mind, right? Law firm insurance is difficult to understand and the last time you started to compare options, it felt frustrating and confusing to discover what truly matters the most.

So a couple of times a year you get an email with a few forms to fill out, maybe even a phone call to tell you they found a better option and need a few signatures. If you're honest, you don't think about the companies behind your policy.

At ALPS, we believe it's wrong that lawyers don't know which insurance to buy, how much of it they need, and what it should cost. That's why we continue to lead the industry in innovation — from the only 100% online legal malpractice insurance process to providing a single solution for all your firm's insurance, to a focus on delivering timely and relevant risk management resources designed to help make it easier for you to practice law with less risk than ever before.

There's a reason why we are the largest direct writer of lawyers' malpractice insurance and are trusted by more state bars than any other carrier. You can count on our financial strength to back up our promise to our policyholders in the event of a claim. You deserve simple, straightforward protection from people who know your name. 


Choosing the right partner to protect your firm shouldn't have to be difficult. With ALPS, you can get some time back in your day to focus on why you got into this business in the first place — helping people.

ALPS is Law Firm Insurance Made Easy