State Bar Endorsements

Endorsed by More State Bars Than Any Other Malpractice Carrier

You belong to a collegial assemblage of legal professionals. We are proud to partner with state and local bars across the country to gain the greatest understanding of members’ triumphs and challenges.



“They are fortunate to have quality people working for them who understand the needs of lawyers, that there’s an access to justice problem here in the United States and they are dedicated to trying to solve that.”

Karen Gould, Virginia State Bar Executive Director

“I’m just here to tell you, ALPS is family. You can talk to real people. They talk to you and if you think that you made a mistake you’ll get to talk to a real lawyer because they do claims mitigation. They’ll tell you up front, you can sleep tonight. Don’t worry about it. And if you did make a mistake, they’ll say, we can intervene and help mitigate that before you ever get sued and they do because they care about us and that’s the difference.”

Tom Barnett, State Bar of South Dakota Executive Director

“I’ve worked with the attorneys at ALPS. I’ve worked with the staff at ALPS. You always get a live person when you call them and you always get an answer. Even if they don’t know the answer, they say, ‘I’ll call you back.’ And they do.”

Anita Casey, West Virginia State Bar Executive Director

Choosing the right partner to protect your firm means knowing that we’ll be there when you need us. With ALPS, we are invested in your success. You’re not buying a policy. You’re buying a promise.