Cyber Security Insurance

Safeguard your electronic data and protect your firm with ALPS Cyber Liability Insurance. The trust you build with your clients is your firm’s most valuable asset. If that information is compromised can your reputation and your livelihood can be at risk.

ALPS Cyber Response is your one-stop breach response solution. Available as a separate cyber liability insurance policy for as low as $50 per attorney, ALPS Cyber Liability Insurance is cyber coverage, offered exclusively to our lawyers’ malpractice insurance policyholders. Higher limits, up to $1M are available.

Low Per-Attorney Rates

Low Per-Attorney Rates

ALPS policyholders have access to low-cost breach response insurance while enjoying some of the best cyber coverage you can buy.

No Application Required

No Application Required

ALPS provides every law firm a quote for Cyber Response with no additional paperwork necessary. Stop filling out form after form to get the cyber coverage you need.

Industry Leading Coverage

Industry Leading Coverage

Provided through a partnership with Beazley Group USA, take comfort in a 360° approach with the best designed cyber insurance solution.


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3 Towers of Protection for Your Firm

Many cyber liability insurance policies include one limit of coverage, yet there are really three key areas that a strong cyber security policy should have to protect your firm. In addition to being there to pay for the liability associated with a cyber breach, you deserve the peace of mind that your cyber liability insurance policy will also provide you with expertise in the services required to respond to a breach.

That’s why ALPS Cyber Liability Insurance offers you three separate ‘towers’ of cyber coverage: a policy aggregate limit of liability (Tower 1), as well as two additional towers dedicated to different breach response services. Should your business be impacted by a cyber breach, you deserve coverage designed to help you navigate through a scary situation.

ALPS Cyber Response provides cyber liability insurance coverage, up to the full limit of liability;

  • Information Security & Privacy Liability
  • Regulatory Defense & Penalties
  • Website Media & Content Liability
  • PCI Fines, Expenses & Costs
  • Cyber Extortion
  • First Party Data Protection & Business Interruption
  • Fraudulent Instruction Liability
  • Computer Fraud Liability

In addition to the limit available for loss in Tower 1, ALPS Cyber Response provides you a second and separate limit available for Computer Expert Services, Legal Services and Crisis Management. All of this is provided through Beazley Breach Response USA Services, a dedicated team of cyber breach professionals provided through the Beazley Groupone of the world’s leading providers of cyber liability insurance.

ALPS Cyber Response also provides for a 3rd and separate limit available for notification services for a covered cyber attack. All 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories have legislation specific to notification protocols to individuals involved in the theft of personally identifiable information. A cyber attack can be scaryrest easy knowing you have a team of experts at your side to help navigate your state’s notification laws.


How to Protect Yourself and Keep the Hackers at Bay

Get the information you need today to implement a
plan to stay secure and protect the backbone of your law firm.

Includes a printable checklist for becoming cyber secure.

Have you invested enough in information technology?
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Choosing the right partner to protect your firm means knowing that we’ll be there when you need us. With ALPS, we are invested in your success. You’re not buying a policy. You’re buying a promise.