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The world of insurance for law firms can be confusing, and difficult to navigate. We've created this glossary because these common insurance terms should be easy to understand.

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Utah State Bar Endorses ALPS as the Legal Malpractice Insurance Carrier of Choice for Members.

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Utah State Bar Endorses ALPS as the Legal Malpractice Insurance Carrier of Choice for Members.

Effective July, 1, the Utah State Bar announced its exclusive endorsement of ALPS to meet the malpractice insurance needs of its members.  The Bar was impressed by ALPS’ proven track record, financial stability, excellent policy coverage and proactive risk management practices.

“Given its understanding and commitment to lawyers and the legal profession, we felt ALPS would be an excellent partner for our members, providing a product we believe is important to all in private practice,” said John Baldwin, Executive Director of the Utah State Bar.  “Furthermore, as evidenced by the fact that ALPS is endorsed by more State Bars than any other carrier, we believe that ALPS understands the legal profession and the needs of lawyers in a changing practice environment.  We’re looking forward to a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship.”

ALPS has already begun collaborating with bar leadership on developments in the malpractice insurance market, providing access to innovative risk management tools and resources and financial and in-kind support for high-priority bar programs of mutual benefit to ALPS and the Bar. Members can expect to see more of ALPS at upcoming Bar events and programs.

The Utah State Bar will exclusively refer all member inquiries regarding legal malpractice insurance to ALPS, as well as actively promote ALPS as a valuable and trustworthy member benefit.  ALPS is already insuring Utah law firms.

“Clyde Snow has been with ALPS for several years.  Their customer service is awesome and their rates are appropriate for the coverage,” said Jean Layton, Firm Administrator for Clyde Snow & Sessions in Salt Lake City. “With other carriers, the application and renewal processes for professional liability policies can be stressful and overwhelming.  But with ALPS, it is straightforward and, although it takes time to gather and provide the requested information and documentation, it is fairly easy to complete and you can finish with your sanity intact.   We feel secure placing our trust with ALPS.”

“We have great respect for Utah lawyers, and the manner in which they practice law.  We know them to be competent in their representation of clients, respectful of one other and collegial, all marks of a great jurisdiction to do business.  And in the unfortunate event a lawyer makes an error or is otherwise subject to a claim, our policy is our promise and we will stand strong in our duty to defend them in their time of need,”  said Chris Newbold, Executive Vice President of ALPS.

In addition to its comprehensive insurance coverage, ALPS assists firms in effectively managing law practice risks, with particular attention to small firms and solo practitioners.  ALPS risk management department actively develops educational resources and seminars accredited in Utah to protect and guide lawyers toward a more successful and risk-free practice.  Utah attorneys will have direct access to all facets of ALPS insurance operations, including sales, account management, underwriting, and claims attorneys.

Industry-leading coverage features and its high level of customer service were cited in the Utah State Bar’s decision to endorse ALPS.  Coverage features provided by ALPS, but not always available through other carriers, include:

  • Coverage choices with three policy forms – ALPS Basic, Preferred and Premier policies – to fit the varying protection needs of different law firms.
  • First Flight program, which provides tiered, affordable premium pricing for new solo attorneys.
  • A leading cyber liability protection policy designed specifically for law firms at an affordable cost.
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) policy created specifically for law firms.
  • All claims handled by licensed, experienced attorneys – not claims adjusters.
  • A solid supplementary benefit to defend policyholders in disciplinary proceedings.
  • Claims expense allowance outside the limit of liability available in the ALPS Preferred and Premier policies.
  • Consent to settle provisions in the ALPS Preferred and Premier policies.
  • Availability of free Extended Reporting Endorsements.

“We are excited to get this partnership with ALPS underway.  Our obligation first and foremost is to do what is in the interest of our members. We feel confident ALPS will be among our most important member benefits as we move forward, designed to save our members both time and potentially money for a product critically important to those in private practice,” concluded Baldwin.


About the Utah State Bar

The vision of the Utah State Bar is attorneys creating a justice system that is “understood, valued, respected and accessible to all.”  Established in 1931 by the Utah State Legislature, the Utah State Bar has grown to an organization of more than 11,000 legal professionals focused on providing competent, ethical legal services.

About ALPS

ALPS is the nation’s largest direct writer of lawyers’ malpractice insurance and is endorsed by more state bars than any other insurance company. Since 1988, ALPS has been the preeminent provider of legal malpractice insurance, with an emphasis on protection, stability, and commitment to the legal community. The Utah State Bar endorsement brings the number of ALPS state bar endorsements or affiliations to 17.




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