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Insurance Glossary

The world of insurance for law firms can be confusing, and difficult to navigate. We've created this glossary because these common insurance terms should be easy to understand.

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Mick Heard, Business Development Representative

Originally from Florida, Mick Heard is an honorably discharged Air Force veteran, and prior agency owner with 15 years of commercial insurance experience, with a background in commercial finance. As an ALPS Business Development Representative, Mick uses his experience to quickly problem solve and address any concerns you may have. His Air Force service taught him to be steady, to always focus and that perseverance pays off.

Light blue neon sign reading,

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Is Your Legal Malpractice Insurance in a Good Place?

Are you approaching the renewal of your malpractice coverage? I wanted to share some valuable information that I have come across in the last few months. When I speak with a firm and the person responsible for malpractice coverage, the underlying...

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Is Your Law Firm Asking the Right Questions?

I’ve been emailing law firms every quarter for a few years now in an effort to get at the heart of what lawyers need and how ALPS can help them. I...

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