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Insurance Glossary

The world of insurance for law firms can be confusing, and difficult to navigate. We've created this glossary because these common insurance terms should be easy to understand.

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Kristine Redli, Claims Coordinator

Kristine Redli has been an employee of ALPS since 2009 and for the last 3 years has worked as the Supplemental Benefit Administrator. Kristine helps our insured’s navigate through ethics grievances and their benefits under the policy daily. In her free time, Kristine enjoys the outdoors of Montana with her family.

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Social Media and Professionalism

Social media has become part of everyday life for most people young and old. Keeping up on the news, staying in touch with friends and family and the ever-growing platforms for business and personal ventures. The downside of having these platforms...

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Ethics Grievances and Next Steps

What is an ethics grievance? An ethics grievance/ bar complaint/ ethics inquiry are all interchangeable words for a complaint made against an...

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