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With everything you have on your plate,

fulfilling your Minnesota CLE should be easy.

You are always looking for ways to grow your practice while mitigating risk. ALPS brings more than 30 years of claims experience to help law firms prevent claims before they occur. We understand that in Minnesota CLE is a requirement, but ALPS is committed to providing substantive continuing legal education to help our policyholders and the Minnesota legal community as a whole be more successful.

ALPS is proud to offer high-quality, accredited Minnesota CLE with both live webinars and on-demand seminars on a number of relevant risk management topics, including many Ethics courses. ALPS policyholders can access any Minnesota CLE at a discounted tuition.


Minnesota MCLE Requirements

MN CLE credit hours required: 45 hours per reporting period

Specialty credits required: 3 hours of ethics and 2 hours of elimination of bias per reporting period

Length of reporting period: 3 years

Compliance date: June 30

Reporting date: August 31

Compliance group: There are 3 categories for CLE reporting and new attorneys are assigned to Category 1, 2, or 3 for reporting every 3 years. Category 1 attorneys report in 2018; Category 2, in 2019; and Category 3, in 2017. 

Minutes per credit hour: 60 minutes

Minnesota CLE Requirements (from the American Bar Association website)