Solo Attorneys

Solo attorneys have to do it all. Often times that takes you away from the reason you went to law school in the first place: to help people. Getting new clients, taking care of current ones, running a business and maybe even taking care of a familyit's all on you. We want to help you be successful by making it as easy as possible to work with us.

That’s why we’ve created an application designed just for solo practitioners. Less information to provide means you have more time to focus on the important stuff. There’s a reason why more State Bars endorse ALPS than any other carrier. We offer a level of personalized service unmatched in the industry. From a completely paperless insurance process to the most comprehensive risk management library, you will find for the solo attorneyALPS is there to make things as easy as possible.

Got 20 Minutes?

If you are a sole practitioner with no claims and less than 5 areas of practice*, you can breeze through our application and secure your policy - all without the back-and-forth of the usual buying process.

Apply and view rates in about 20 minutes. If you like what you see, you can complete your application, accept, and pay. All online, any time, day or night for qualifying solo practitioners.

Start now and experience how easy insurance can be.

Want to talk to someone anyway? We're happy to connect with you. Feel free to reach out at, (800) 367-2577 or chat with us.

Just for solo attorneys. Only from ALPS.

*ALPS Instant Quote is not available in all states. Additional law firm criteria may direct your firm to our standard application process.

ALPS Resources for Solo Attorneys

With ALPS You Will:

Save time with a solo-tailored application.

Most insurance applications treat every law firm the same, regardless of size. We understand how valuable your time is and have created an application designed just for you.

Get access to solo-specific practice management tools.

ALPS has 30+ years of experience in working with state bars to help solo attorneys be better at what they do. From forms to business plans, let our history be your future.

Get the protection you deserve.

With lawyer-recommended policy features like defense costs outside of your limits and consent to settle, you play a role in your claim. ALPS offers you a choice of policies for your firm and the peace of mind that comes from the best protection available.

You got into this business to help people. So did we. Don’t you deserve the best insurance for your firm?



Important First Steps To Getting Your Own Solo Practice Up And Running.

Get the answers to the most pertinent questions you should ask yourself before hanging your own shingle.

Position yourself to open your own practice with this free 60+ page guide. It’s never to early to start planning! * Includes sample waivers and forms *



The ALPS Guide to Getting Started Solo Will Help You:


Start your practice off on the right foot by developing an effective business plan. From creating a budget to choosing the best legal structure, give yourself the best chance to succeed.


Ensure the long-term success of your firm by seeing the big picture of marketing, finance and reducing all of your risks.


There’s a reason why more State Bars endorse ALPS than any other carrier. Learn from our 30+ years of experience in reducing risk for law firms.

Choosing the right partner to protect your firm means knowing that we’ll be there when you need us. With ALPS, we are invested in your success. You’re not buying a policy. You’re buying a promise.