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Fridays = Freedom to Recharge

1 min read

Use your Fridays wisely to plan ahead and enjoy your time away from the office without stressing about things left undone over the weekend.




How many lawyers do you know who leave the office on Friday afternoon and spend the whole weekend worrying about work?

You need some time to relax and recharge so here are 3 suggestions for what to do before leaving the office on Friday.

One – Prepare a 2 week schedule and review it. What deadlines are coming up? What hearings do you have?  Double-check that your client is aware of the deadlines and hearings.

Two – Check in with your assistant.  You’ll want to make sure you know about any vacation or appointments your assistant might have scheduled.

And finally, before you leave the office, make that phone call or write that email that you’ve been dreading.  Putting something off and worrying about it can ruin your whole weekend.  Your client is probably feeling anxious about it and would appreciate some piece of mind to enjoy their weekend, too.  Nine times out of ten when you finally do it, it’s not as painful as what you thought it would be.

On Friday, get your work done and then step away.  I promise, the work will be waiting for you when you get back on Monday.

Check out the webinar that Karen presented for ALPS on 10 Things I Wish I’d Learned in Law School.


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Authored by:

Karen is a graduate of Wartburg College in Waverly, IA, and Drake University Law School in Des Moines, IA. She began her legal career as a prosecutor before entering private practice. For over 20 years, her practice has focused on family law and general practice. Karen is trained in Collaborative Law and also acts as a parenting coordinator for high conflict parents. Since 2009, Karen has served as a judicial magistrate in Iowa. She is also the Chief Compliance Officer and pre-law advisor at Wartburg College. Karen is the author of “The New Lawyer’s Handbook: 101 Things They Don’t Teach You in Law School” and also two knitting books for children. Her commentaries and guest opinions have appeared in the Huffington Post and the Des Moines Register. She and her husband Pete have 4 children.

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