Get a jump start on your career with the alps guide to getting started solo. 

If you're considering a solo career, it's never too early to start planning - even if you're currently in law school. Tell us a bit more about yourself by completing the form on the right and ALPS will email you a link to the downloadable, comprehensive 68-page Guide to Getting Started Solo now.

Asking the right questions - what this guide will help you understand:

• Are you properly positioned to open your own practice?

• Who will your clients be?

• What practice area or areas will you focus on?

• What will your ongoing costs be?

• Do you have access to the capital necessary to fund startup costs?

• How will you distinguish yourself in the marketplace?

• How will your practice be managed?

• What about malpractice insurance?


answering questions like these can help you develop a plan that will further ensure the likelihood of a successful launch.