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Limited License Legal Technicians

Affordable insurance so you can offer affordable legal services.

As a LLLT, you understand how important it is to provide affordable legal solutions to those in need. Navigating a complex legal system can be scary for anyone, let alone those that might not normally be able to afford the help you provide.

More than any insurance provider, ALPS understands the need to offer necessary legal services and make it affordable. We were founded on that principle and providing Washington's LLLT community a tailor-made insurance policy is another way we make it easy for you to meet your licensing requirements.

Designed specifically for Washington's LLLT Program, ALPS' Limited License Legal Technician insurance policy provides affordable pricingfor as long as you meet LLLT eligibility requirements.


What are other Limited License Legal Technicians saying?

My experience obtaining LLLT insurance through ALPS was excellent. Professional, friendly, and fast. A+
- Derek, WA

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Check out the reasons why ALPS offers the best protection for LLLT's:



  • ALPS worked with the WSBA to craft a LLLT specific application and policy.
  • ALPS is the nation’s largest direct writer of lawyers’ malpractice insurance.
  • We are not a brokerage. ALPS policyholders deal directly with our insurance specialists.


  • We are endorsed by the Washington State Bar Association
  • ALPS has been insuring law firms across the country for almost 30 years.
  • You'll understand why we receive industry-leading customer reviews


  • All ALPS claims are handled by licensed attorneys
  • You can choose to add low-cost, recommended Cyber & EPLI insurance with no additional application
  • We have the financial strength to back up our promise in the event of a claim

Manage your risk from day one.

Whether starting out on your own or joining an established firm, we know it can be daunting to join the growing community of LLLT's. Benefit from the same risk management tools as our fully-licensed attorneys. ALPS provides a wealth of resources designed to make you more successful.

Find out why ALPS is endorsed by more state bars than any other carrier, including yours.

Your Limited License Legal Technician Team

Tanya Matoon

Tanya Matoon

Outside of Seattle

Life is so bright with Tanya, you'll need to wear shades. She is a shining example of how insurance can be fun.

Kelsey Clark, ALPS

Kelsey Clark

Seattle Area

Kelsey's knack for problem-solving can take some stress away from the insurance process. With years of experience, she will prioritize the important things to make your life easier. Let Kelsey watch for important deadlines so you don't have to!


Application Forms for Limited License Legal Technicians

ALPS has created specific application forms for Washington's LLLT program. There are two forms to completeone for the firm profile of your new enterprise, and one for your individual profile as a LLLT.

We recognize that you must provide proof of insurance as a requisite to receiving your license. Some of the questions on our application ask for dates and information that assume you have already started to practice. Simply do your best to answer the questions as you anticipate your practice to start. We're happy to help you along the way!

Required Forms for all applicants who will be operating solely as an LLLT enterprise

LLLT Application New Firm Approved (9-15).pdf

LLLT Application IAS Approved (9-15).pdf

Required Form for LLLT applicants who will be joining an ALPS insured law firm

LLLT Application IAS Approved (9-15).pdf

Additional Supplements That May Be Required to Receive a Quote

Claim Information Supplement (01-18).pdf

Outside Interest Supplement (01-18).pdf