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There’s a smart balance between innovation and endurance. By uniting strategic growth and commitment to stability, we do what we do best.​



David A. Bell - President & CEO

You deserve to work with a company that is growing and changing with your best interests. Rest assured that we haven’t confused stability with the status quo.


At ALPS, we make a promise to our policyholders ­- lawyers like you who have worked hard to enter a proud and storied profession. It is our promise to provide broad coverage, a clearly written policy that is fairly applied, and the financial strength to back up our promise in the event of a claim. Our strength lies in the integrity of our product. We also make a promise to our people and our community. ALPS is an employer of choice, recruiting the best and the brightest, and upholding an impressive tenure of our employees. As a member of our community, we are accountable to make the places where we live and work better today than the day before.


We remember what it was like when lawyers like you couldn’t get malpractice insurance. So we decided to change the insurance industry.


ALPS was created in response to the insurance crisis of the mid-1980s. During this time lawyers’ malpractice insurance was unaffordable or, in some cases, unavailable to attorneys. Founded by a group of forward-thinking attorneys, ALPS provided the solution. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to constant improvement by looking at how our services are offered, expanding our offerings to more people, and providing continued education and professional enrichment to lawyers like you.  Today ALPS is endorsed by more State Bars than any other insurance company and we are the nation’s largest direct writer of lawyers’ malpractice insurance.